G.I. Joe ReAction Action Figures Snakelings Box Set SDCC22

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Some of these Cobra Snakelings are definitely not what they appear to be! Inspired by the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Season 1 episode "The Pyramid of Darkness" where Snake Eyes and Shipwreck infiltrate a Cobra base, this special set of G.I. Joe ReAction Figures comes packaged in a window box recreating the entrance to the Cobra control cube factory seen on the show. The Snakelings Box Set includes six 3.75" scale ReAction Figures: Snake Eyes (in Snakeling disguise and accompanied by Timber), Shipwreck in Snakeling disguise (with laser information disc accessory and Polly), three Snakeling workers (Tan, Light Brown, and Dark Brown with jetpacks and rifle accessories), and a Cobra Security Robot measuring an imposing 4.5" tall (with voice identification panel accessory). Recreate one of the greatest G.I. Joe episodes ever with the Snakelings Box Set!
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